Support Services

Independent Living – Every student in both Step I and Step II has a counsellor who works one-to-one with him or her on apartment organization, money management, time management, and roommate relations. The Step I student meets with this counsellor twice a week. The Step II student meets one time per week.

Meal Preparation – In addition to the four-hour cooking/ nutrition/ shopping class, the Step I student is assigned a one-to-one cooking instructor who works with him or her every week.

Counselling – Every Step I student is assigned a social counsellor. Our counsellors tend to be certified guidance counsellors and social workers. One-to-one sessions are assigned each week. If a student requires more intensive mental health support, referrals can be made to local psychotherapists.

Community Group – Every other week, both Step I and Step II students attend a community group meeting. These meetings, which are run by our counselling staff, afford an opportunity for each student to share his or her feelings about life in our community.