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Support Services

Independent Living – Every student in both Step I and Step II has a counsellor who works one-to-one with him or her on apartment organization, money management, time management, and roommate relations. The Step I student meets with this counsellor twice a week. The Step II student meets one time per week.

Meal Preparation – In addition to the four-hour cooking/ nutrition/ shopping class, the Step I student is assigned a one-to-one cooking instructor who works with him or her every week.

Counselling – Every Step I student is assigned a social counsellor. Our counsellors tend to be certified guidance counsellors and social workers. One-to-one sessions are assigned each week. If a student requires more intensive mental health support, referrals can be made to local psychotherapists.

Community Group – Every other week, both Step I and Step II students attend a community group meeting. These meetings, which are run by our counselling staff, afford an opportunity for each student to share his or her feelings about life in our community.

Group Discussions