Giant Step Services,
1300 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5043,
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Giant Step Services Is a Community-Based Post-Secondary Program Geared Toward Young Adults With Special Needs.

For some, Giant Step is a transitional program to hasten each member’s movement towards independence. For others, it is a long term supportive community.

Step 1 is a two-year comprehensive educational, vocational, independent living and social program that maximizes each young adult’s potential for living away from home. Students are engaged in furthering their education while starting a career or vocational training program.

Step 2 is designed for students who have mastered most of the skills necessary to lead independent lives and who, with limited supports, can successfully integrate into all aspects of a mainstream community.

Monthly Calendar

This sample calendar demonstrates the wide variety of social opportunities offered each month.

Independent Living Skills

Weekdays are spent developing skills necessary to live successful independent lives. Half of each day is spent in either work training, an internship, paid employment, taking college classes, or a combination thereof.

Support Services

The students spend half of each day in work training, an internship, paid employment, college classes, or a combination thereof.


Most Students who enter STEP 1 do so between June and September. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances. The summer months are preferable for many reasons, including the curriculum continuity and the availability of potential roommates.

Building A Community For Now And Forever

Live. Learn. Work. Play.


"Our daughter has flourished in this independent living program."

Jack & Doreen Goldberg

"This amazing program and extraordinary staff have allowed my son to grow in ways that I never dreamed possible."

Ellen Ginsberg